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GDSC autumn of code is here!

It is the most extensive open-source program ever organized at IGDTUW, centered around learning opportunities for aspiring developers in technology!

Our aim is to inspire, challenge and motivate passionate innovators, especially women, to pursue their careers in Open Source and develop solutions to current world problems. We believe that together we can make a difference. Participants can work on numerous projects under our guidance. Our skilled mentors will help all the participants in nurturing and polishing their technical skills and contributing to various projects from the comfort of their homes over our fifty-day contribution period.

Join us at GDSC IGDTUW Autumn of Code 🍁 to revolutionize the Open Source domain by contributing, inspiring and empowering every individual!

Events timeline

How to contribute


Project-specific resources are provided in the READMEs of every project but here for some general resources and contribution guidelines to get you started! - You can update existing projects or contribute any project you made to participate. - Take a look at the Existing Issues of your project and find one that interests you or create your own Issues! - Add Screenshots to help us know what this Script is all about. - Repository-specific contribution information is in the respective READMEs of each repo. - Do not abuse or use foul language. Ensure you don't insult anyone. Be respectful and inclusive. - Please mention your full name on your GitHub handle to be eligible for prizes.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a tech enthusiast, we'd love to have you at GDSC Autumn of Code 🍁! Whether you’re undergrad or graduate, we believe you can get something out of the event.

No, the event is beginner friendly and participants with no past opensouce experience are also encouraged to learn and contribute! Low code/documentation contributions are also welcome.

Nothing! It is absolutely free of cost.

You can contribute to any of the existing projects online on GitHub from the comfort of your home.

Kindly send us your queries on our discord server and tag the organizers. Link to join the discord server: https://discord.gg/xTNC4MGB